Mani is one of those Chefs that truly have a passion for Authentic North Indian cuisine. With five years’ experience is the culinary industry and 25 years’ experience in corporate sales and training in the hospitality industry, it’s this dynamic skill set that keeps his in the forefront of the culinary industry. Mani .worked as Head Chef at Bombay Bhel Indian restaurant & bar.

Mani is not only a seasoned culinary chef he is an award winning Indian cuisine very famous dish , Chicken Kamashutra , Chef whose creations are beautiful edible works of art. Now owner Director of the Baba’s Hospitality Services in Toronto. Dil Se originates from Hindi language which means ‘from Heart’ in English. Our chef, Mani Ram has learned all his cooking from his mother. There fore, through Dil Se, we present you the best indian food in toronto coming straight from our home to yours.